YouTwitFace nirvana will be realized when YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all merge by seamlessly sharing login info, making access to the three services a breeze.  Googles Larry Page shares that dream with the rest of us frustrated social media users.  However, Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg does not feel the love!

Sitting for an interview at the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif., Google’s founder and current CEO Larry Page insisted that his vision is to produce the best [products] we possibly can for users.  So basically, Google is on our side.

Mark Zuckerberg, however, wont allow any sharing that would make seamless login a reality for social media users.  This exasperates Page, who would, love to have better access to data that’s out there. As an example, he points to the one-way transferability of users’ address books between Gmail and Facebook.  New members of Facebook can quickly and easily find their Gmail contacts, but it doesn’t work the other way: New Gmail users cannot similarly find their Facebook friends. “Our friends at Facebook have imported many, many, many Gmail addresses and exported zero addresses out.  It’s completely unreasonable.”

He also says he’d be happy to include social data from Facebook inside Google results but can’t because Facebook will not agree to make it available.

Why is Mark so tight-fisted with our information?

From “The Education of Larry Page.”  Bloomberg Businessweek April 9 15, 2012. Read the full article here


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