The next iPhone could feature a fingerprint scanner on the home button. fingerprint iPhoneThis tantalizing feature would eliminate the need for a four-digit passcode and pave the way for mobile payments. The new iPhone could also receive at least one luxurious new color option, but the biggest news might be murmurs of a less-expensive device.

Fingerprint Scanner

Apple usually doesnt make significant hardware improvements with its S updates, but buzz is growing that the Think Different brand could buck this trend by adding a fingerprint scanner. reports that a reliable source believes the iPhone 5S may include a sapphire-covered convex home button that houses a fingerprint scanner. Sapphires hardness is second only diamond, so this material could protect whatever technology Apple has in store.

Gold Color Option

IPhone users have been left with monochromatic color options since its release in 2007, but that could change with the iPhone 5s. caught wind of a leaked photo that looks like a gold iPhone casing. More recent reports suggest that Apple could also unveil a graphite phone, but wed put more stock in the gold rumor.

iPhone 5c(heap)

Apple may also unveil a less-expensive device to compliment its flagship iPhone. The iPhone 5c is expected to come in different colors and retain most the features of the iPhone 5. Experts expect Apple to discontinue sales of the iPhone 4s and 5 with the release of the 5c, which could be free with a two-year contract. Internet Service Providers claims that a cheaper iPhone will help Apple compete in foreign markets and appeal to a wider range of consumers. It would certainly create a stir in the tech world.

Now if they could just solve the problem of fingerprints on the screen!

Creative Commons image by stefanoost


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